Metal Shinobi Assassin


A Metal Slug starring ninjas


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Metal Shinobi Assassin is an arcade game in the style of Metal Slug, where you will control a ninja along different enemy-infested levels set in feudal Japan.

You'll face off against various types of enemies inspired by the Neo Geo saga, from foot soldiers armed with lances to tanks that shoot missiles, and men armed with baskets that shoot colored rays.

The game's action develops along the same lines as Metal Slug. In other words, your screen will always be packed with enemies shooting and launching projectiles at you, so you'll need to dodge quickly, and never stop attacking if you want to finish them all off.

Metal Shinobi Assassin is an arcade game that, like most old games, is really fun from the first minute. The controls are easy to learn, but difficult to master, so don't be surprised if your character dies multiple times before you reach the end of each level.

The game is controlled with your keyboard using the directional arrows and the Z, X, and C keys. You can change to fullscreen mode by pressing F4.

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